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In working with the Himachal Hemp Policy Committee, we take all inquiries seriously and start the dialogue with understanding the project scope, the requirements, and how Himachal Pradesh can be a strong candite for making projects into reality to improve the lives of residents within Himachal Pradesh.

The Industrial Hemp Market has significant market growth from our intelligence reports, the global market from by 2030 will be approximately $16.75 billion.  Asia Pacific dominated the global hemp market in 2022 by holding 32% of market share this can be contributed to rise of production and now growing acceptance of hemp; the region also as a strong supply chain system for velocity of hemp products earning significant capital gains.

Hemplify can help navigate the India Landscape.  The current available development scheme in the state of Himachal Pradesh offers a sustainable long-term investment with significant returns. In accordance with best practices and ESG (environmental, social, governance) to solidify a relationship with community, tribal, and government officials at the local and state level.

Due to the positive trajectory industrial hemp market is going and scarcity of resources the minimum time of investment is three (3) years for the tree to bear its fruit. Relationships with legal and state officials can help facilitate a faster operational start up.  

We welcome the future investment opportunities to grow India economically and provide employment for the region of Himachal Pradesh, India.

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For additional inquiries and discussion (serious inquiries only) please email:


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