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Image by Roberto Valdivia

Hemp Business 

The Himachal Hemp Policy Committee has narrow down specific mission critical areas that lead to a successful hemp cultivation operation. The committee understands that scalability is the most important aspect whether in working with farmers on cultivation to the processing of the Hemp bio mass and then the logistics of getting the product to the end customer.

The Himachal Hemp Policy Committee will be reviewing solicitations and inquiries from domestic and foreign investment to increase the state’s output.

We welcome further details in and inquiries from strategic partners in the following areas

  • Extraction and Farming Equipment 

  • Financial Services 

  • Plant Chemistry and Genetic Management 

  • Hemp Exchanges & Brokers

  • Hemp Seed & Food Companies

  • Hemp Paper & Packaging Companies

  • Insurance

  • Lab Testing Services & Equipment

  • Logistics including Trucking, Marine, and Refrigeration 

  • Business Services

  • Bio Mass Manufacturers 

  • Education and Online Learning Services

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Lead Farming /Processing 

Image by Roman Kasyan

For additional inquiries and discussion (serious inquiries only) please email:


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