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President/Ceo of Hemplify Aseel Ali (Kuthiala) with Senior Leadership of Himachal Pradesh Hemp Policy Committee

The Himachal Hemp Policy Committee under the leadership of Hon. Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu  is a dedicated group of policymakers, scientists, and industry leaders formed with the objective of exploring the potential of hemp cultivation in Himachal Pradesh. They aim to develop a comprehensive policy framework that addresses the economic, environmental, and medicinal aspects of cannabis.

Himachal Pradesh enjoys favorable economic climate, sustainable eco-system, and surplus of skilled and unskilled labor force that can provide support for long term investments.

A businesswoman, yogi, visionary healer, and plant medicine researcher. Shri Mati Aseel Ali (Kuthiala) for over a quarter of a century has dedicated her life to the discipline and science of healing. Born naturally gifted, her path started in her early twenties visiting different ashrams and gurus.  It was during this time Shri Mati Aseel Ali (Kuthiala) was being forged learning and mastering Tantra Yoga, the Indian martial art of Kalari.  Her dedication led to the holistic healing through plant-based medicine and working energy at spiritual level. Her awakening has now come into fruition with breaking ground with Hemplify and her consulting division, Hemplify Solutions. 

She has been personally endowed by her gurus with the ancient knowledge of plant and energy-based healing. Combining both disciplines Shri Mati Aseel Ali (Kuthiala) has specific proprietary compounds for medical care and beauty that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Her business acumen has led to successfully international exposure especially in Japan where she oversaw the construction of a school focusing empowering women to become bakers and oversaw the financial turnaround of a multi-million dollar cosmetic company through successful overhaul of its operations and distribution network. 

She is the great-grand daughter of late Shri Rai Bahadur Jodhamal Kuthiala of Kuthiala Soods from her late mother Shri Mati Rekha Pradeep Kuthiala and late Aseel’s grandfather of Assam, the legendary Abdul Aziz Alam who was one of the first tea planters in Assam and freedom fighter. 

Image by Adele Payman

She has personally consulted with extensive VIPs, business leaders, politicians, and celebrities in providing wellness and overall health management through plant-based medicine and yogic principles of body alignment. 

Currently as an active member of the Himachal Hemp Policy Committee where she provides insight in policy direction and facilitating investment in Himachal Pradesh for the welfare of state especially for women.  

She has been a staunch supporter of hemp as cannabis/Vijaya is the natural prasad of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, and should be given more respect for its divine qualities but also the plant has multiple benefits to have a positive impact on one’s livelihood. 

We are also honored to have medical consultant and logistics expert, Dr. Asaad Mehdi Ali, his professional experience in the European, Indian, and Middle Eastern markets to help facilitate the growth of hemp within India. 

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